Launched in 2014, SpringGR is an entrepreneurial training program located in Grand Rapids, MI. This program provides training, mentoring, and networking opportunities for budding entrepreneurs, especially those in underserved neighborhoods.

“SpringGR was started to provide these entrepreneurs access to training, networking and resources necessary to start their businesses,” says Attah Obande, a small business owner, business consultant, and Network Coordinator at SpringGR. “We believe that access to training and opportunity is essential, so SpringGR offers that to entrepreneurs and connects them to resources that they might not have otherwise known about.”

This twelve-week program helps entrepreneurs clarify their business idea, identify their customers, learn the basics of running their own business, and work with a business coach who will walk alongside the participants as they begin to grow their business.

 “SpringGR is for people who just have an idea. We’re going to take them through a process, shape their idea and get their business started,” says Kafi Carrasco, Executive Director of Restorers Inc., one of the SpringGR host partners. “We’re going off the idea that you can start your business without a whole bunch of money. The best way to get your business started is to get it going.”